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2015-07-22 ( Wednesday we have shifted 7 Patients & 5 Deceased )   2015-07-21 ( Tuesday we have shifted 4 Patients & 2 Deceased )   
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SAMVEDNA is a non-government, volunteering, secular social service organization inspired by high ideals of selfless service, sacrifice, fellow-feeling, global human fraternity and universal welfare. it is meant to extend a helping hand full of concern, sympathy and spirit of dedication to all those less fortunate humans who find themselves in a state of misery and helplessness at some tragic moments of their lives. The target population it looks for extending its helping help consists of varied step sons of fortune - the deprived, the backword, the poorest amongst the poor, orphans and window, the deserted and the helpless- who really and deservedly look for and desperately need a helping hand, and a sympathetic look and a determined positive action.                                                                       Read more..
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+91 - 98763 - 20448

+91 - 98150 - 22900

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Near Prince Hostel, Opp. Sahara Hospital,
Civil Lines, Ludhiana - 141001 (Punjab) India.

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